Cage System

XY axis moving mount and Z axis moving mount of ultrasonic motor driven to be incorporated in THORLABS made optical cage system.

Ultrasonic motors are moved by energization, and in non-energized state, we can utilize the characteristics retained by friction body and provide units that can be adjusted remotely to places with poor environment or narrow places etc.

By using this actuator, it is possible to adjust the optical element with the maximum diameter φ 1/2 inch with sub-micron precision.

超音波モータ ケージシステム Drive system reference diagram
超音波モータ ケージシステム駆動系参考図


  Cage system of 30mm Cage system of 16mm
超音波モータ ケージシステムCGXY12-TL30
超音波モータ ケージシステムCGZ12-TL30
超音波モータ ケージシステムCGXYZ09-TL16
超音波モータ ケージシステムCGZ12-TL16
Device diameter φ6、φ9、φ12 φ6、φ9、φ12 φ6、φ9 φ6、φ9、φ12
Device thickness 3.5mm
Stroke (XY axes) ±1.0mm
Stroke (Z axis) ±1.5mm
Ultrasonic motor TULA50
Resolution 1μm/pulse (Selectable : 0.1μm、0.5μm、1.0μm、5.0μm )
Repeatabillity ±3pulses
  • ※The above product number is optical element: φ9 encoder resolution: 1.0 μm.
    You choose the optical element diameter and the resolution.
  • ※Optical system and the drive system will handle design and manufacture variously,
    so please inquire any time.