Process Order

Step1 : Consultation · Inquiries

In addition to the standard products listed in the catalog, our company designs and manufactures from one unit in response to customer’s request.
Please do not hesitate to consult us about problems with the conventional motor and how you can not use it like this.

Process Order : Consultation / Inquiries Please let us know your request.

  • I am in trouble such as this!
  • I want to move such things!
  • I want to move like this!
  • I want to use it in such an environment!

In our company, a screwdriver including application and a controller as well as a motor element are being also designed by our company and it’s being made.
As a unit that integrates them, it is possible to provide more compact and highly accurate products.

Step2 : Designed by 3D CAD

Process Order : Designed by 3D CAD A skilled technician familiar with manufacturing makes a design.

Equipped with a 3D-CAD environment, you can visually confirm the design according to customer’s request as a three-dimensional image.

In addition to performing various simulations, you can see actual movements with animation so you can see the same image as the real.

Step3 : Part production, assembly, adjustment and inspection

Process Order : Part production, assembly, adjustment and inspection We will process the parts at a cooperating company based on drawings designed by our company.
We will also utilize parts from overseas manufacturers as necessary, and we will assemble at.Adjustment and inspection of the driver controller will be carried out under customer usage conditions.

Step4 : Delivery