Terms of Use

Please read the following conditions before having you use a website (called our website as follows) of Tecnohands.co.Ltd (as follows “called TECHNOHANDS”).
When I have you use it, I handle it as the thing which had you agree to all following conditions.

TECHNOHANDS may change our Terms of Use without a notice.
In that case, the latest Terms of Use after the change are applied.
I ask to have you confirm the latest Terms of Use.

When the website except us where were linked to from our website is used, please obey the linked Terms of Use concerned.

1. Protection of intellectual property.

The information such as a product, service, the technique offered to the visitor by our website is protected in intellectual property rights-related laws and ordinances.
You can use this website information only for the customer to use it personally or within a limited range equivalent thereto. Beyond using it, it should not be used without our prior consent in advance.

2. Prohibited Usage

You are prohibited from using this Website for any of the following activities.

  1. The infringement to a copyright of third party or TECHNOHANDS and other property rights.
  2. An act to damage trust by slander to third party or TECHNOHANDS.
  3. Disadvantageous, damaging acts against third parties or TECHNOHANDS.
  4. An act to infringe property of third party or TECHNOHANDS, privacy.
  5. An act against the public order and morals such as obscenity, the profanity-like act, remark.
  6. Act of using or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses.
  7. Other acts in violation of laws and ordinances.
  8. Any other action that we deem inappropriate.

3. About link site

Next we will refuse the link from the relevant website.

  1. Websites that may be against illegal or public order and morality.
  2. Damage the social trust of TECHNOHANDS or the third party; or is TECHNOHANDS or the website that might cause an economic loss to a third party.
  3. A website that causes misunderstanding as having some cooperative relationship with TECHNOHANDS, or causes TECHNOHANDS to misunderstand that it recognizes or supports the linking website.
  4. In addition, the website that judges that TECHNOHANDS is inappropriate.

When you offered link deletion from TECHNOHANDS, please cancel a link immediately.

4. Exemption condition

We will not bear any responsibility for customers or other third parties regarding the use of this website.
We are not responsible for the information on this website regarding the following points.

  • The thing that is all useful for posted information with accuracy, currentness and safety.
  • About any damage due to the use or failure of this website.

TECHNOHANDS does not take any responsibility about the damage that a visitor produced through a link by an accessed website.