Ultrasonic motor driver series

TULA (Tiny Ultrasonic Linear Actuator)


In general, actuators in mainstream use are electromagnetic and fluid (air and oil pressure) types, but inrecent years, ultrasonic motors have appeared as a completely new trend. They were previously used in the industrial field but they are now increasingly being used as mobile actuators for digital cameras and cellular phones. We coordinate with our company partners to commercialize new products. Offering much sounder,better service. From rotary modules to linear module, we supply our customers with a wide variety of thislatest developed ultrasonic motors.

Ultrasonic motor

Generally the ultrasonic motor is mechanism, by the piezoelectric effect of pezoelectrical ceramic it
converts ultrasonic vibration movement into linear or rotary movement. Because of using frictional force,
motor can completely stop without power by that frictional force.

Main features

  • Attain low speed and high torque (thrust) without slowing down the machine
  • Maintain high torque (thrust), with no electric current present, therefore, no heat is generated
  • Small driving noise
  • When movement is stopped, frictional force brings movement to a complete stop with no unwanted vibration or heat generation.
  • Direct mechanism allows high machine responsiveness
  • Simple and fewer parts allow for decrease in mass production cost
  • Nonmagnetic construction allows for unaffected operation in presence of magnets
  • uum application is available by changing materials (10 -5 Pa )
  • Adopted TULA for axial lubrication, guide axis is unnecessary
TULA35, 50, 70
TULA Stage
TULA Finger
超音波モータ ケージシステム
Application with the TULA unit
超音波モータ カスタム品
超音波モータ ドライバ
超音波モータ オプション

Drive principle of TULA

Tiny ultrasonic linear actuator. TULA is unimorph type or a bimorph type next generation actuator
on the vibration control of piezoceramic. Piezoelectric ceramic is fixed to the root of the driving shaft, and put
the preload friction body(moving body) on drive shaft, when stopped, it maintain without slight vibration such as
electromagnetic motor did, also no heat. The movement principle is piezoelectric ceramic vibrates and reaches
the drive shaft, pulls the friction body by changing the duty ratio of going and return, using this action to
moving the unite distance. With small movement controlled by high vibration frequency, actuator can move smoothly.
For as a micro miniature shape, the actuator for positioning can gets a thrust, retentively highly and best suitable
for positioning actuators.